What is the cheapest car insurance for teenage drivers?

What is the cheapest way to insure a teenage driver?

The cheapest way to insure a teenage driver is by adding them to your own policy. Buying a teen their own policy is very expensive and generally not advised. Depending on the state, a teen driver’s annual premium could cost up to twice as much on an individual policy as being added to a parent’s policy.

How much is car insurance for a teenager a month?

Teenagers pay an average of $397 a month for an individual car insurance policy, while parents who add a teen driver to their policy can expect to pay an extra $187 a month. That means adding a teen to your policy increases rates by 168%, on average.

How expensive is car insurance for a teenager?

The average annual rate quoted for a teen driver is $2,267. (This average includes all liability coverage levels.) Compare that to an average cost increase of $621 for adding a teen to the parents’ policy — that means you’ll pay 365 percent more by putting the teen on his or her own policy.

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Is it cheaper to be on your parents car insurance?

Unless you are over the age of 25 and have a perfect driving record, it will be cheaper for you to just stay on your parents’ policy. Your rate is based entirely on risk. … Therefore, younger drivers are charged much higher than average car insurance rates.

What car is best on insurance for a teenager?

Best cars for teens

Rank Car Average Annual Car Insurance
1 Mazda MX-5 Miata $2,640
2 Subaru Outback 2,735
3 Volkswagen Golf GTI 2,740
4 Mini Countryman 2,766

How much is insurance for a 16-year-old with a Camaro?

Chevrolet Camaro Insurance Model Year by Age Group

Year 16-19 yr old 20-29 yr old
2020 $405.92 / mo $215.60 / mo
2019 $352.31 / mo $218.72 / mo
2018 $374.21 / mo $195.08 / mo
2017 $407.67 / mo $238.64 / mo

How much is insurance on a Corvette for a 16-year-old?

The cost to insure teenage drivers is high.

Average rates for full coverage Corvette insurance costs $6,512 per year for a 16-year-old driver, $6,210 per year for a 17-year-old driver, and $5,848 per year for a 18-year-old driver.

How much will my auto insurance go up after adding a teenager?

Insurers see teen drivers as high-risk since inexperienced drivers don’t bode well behind the wheel. … According to the new Coverage study, parents can expect their auto insurance premiums to increase by approximately 130% when adding a 16-year-old teen driver.

How can a teen save on car insurance?

How To Save on Teenage Car Insurance: What You Need To Know

  1. Driver training discounts.
  2. Ensuring their teen has good grades.
  3. Having a safe car for their teen.
  4. Installing telematics in the vehicle.
  5. Shopping around for policies.
  6. Teaching safe driving habits.
  7. Looking into student away discounts.
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How much is Geico car insurance for a 17-year-old?

At a monthly rate of $423, Geico is the cheapest car insurance company for 17-year-olds that is widely available nationwide. The graph below highlights the difference in annual costs between a 17-year-old driver on their parent’s plan versus on their own policy.

How much is insurance on a sports car for an 18 year old?

Average Insurance Costs

Car insurance for an 18-year-old costs quite a bit, especially compared to typical rates for other age groups. On average, an 18-year-old will be paying $5115 per year for insurance if they have their own policy with liability limits of 100/300/100, according to CarInsurance.com.

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