Your question: What is the limit of third party insurance?

What is the maximum coverage amount for a third party claim?

The case for claiming compensation under third party will be filed against you and your insurer. While there is no limit on the liability covered for injury or death, the cover for third-party property (usually the third party’s car) damage is capped at Rs 7.5 lakh.

What is limited third party insurance?

Third-party insurance, which is also sometimes referred to as ‘act-only’ insurance is a statutory requirement for all vehicle owners as per the Motor Vehicle Act. It is a type of insurance cover where the insurer offers protection against damage to the third-party vehicle, personal property and physical injury.

Does 3rd party insurance cover the other car?

Third party property car insurance, sometimes called Third Party Property Damage, covers damage to other people’s vehicles and property. If your car is damaged in the same event, and the accident is your fault, it won’t be covered for repairs.

What is difference between regular third party and limited third party insurance?

One major difference between third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance is the range of protection offered to you and your vehicle. While a comprehensive plan provides multiple protection covers for you and your vehicle, a third-party cover is limited to offering protection against the claims of a third party.

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How do I claim third party damage?

The long procedure of claiming third party insurance starts with registering an FIR in a nearby police station followed by collecting a charge sheet. After that Motor Accident Claims Tribunal, a special court, registers a case, as Civil courts can’t make a judgement on road accidents or decide a compensation claim.

What are the benefits of third party insurance?

What is third party insurance? It protects you against any legal liability, accidental liability, or property damage in case of an unfortunate event. This policy also covers medical expenses in case a third party is injured in an accident or dies.

Is third party insurance the cheapest?

Traditionally, third party and third party fire and theft cover were much cheaper than comprehensive insurance, but for many this is no longer the case. … For a more experienced driver, quotes for third party fire and theft cover came out cheaper than comprehensive cover, but by just 1%.

Is third party insurance sufficient?

It is mandatory as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and driving without a Third-party Liability policy is a punishable offense. However, it is not the most ideal coverage with regards to the above-mentioned purpose of insurance. Read ahead to know 3 reasons why a Third-party Liability car insurance is just not enough.

Why is third party insurance more expensive?

Insurers said premiums were higher on third-party policies because people taking them out were more likely to make a claim, and to claim higher amounts.

What is third party insurance example?

The most common type of third party insurance is the automobile insurance. Take for example, when met with an accident, you file an accident claim. … Then, the other motorist in the accident will be considered the third party.

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What does third party insurance cover in a car accident?

Third Party Property Damage Car insurance, also known as third party, covers damage caused by the use of your car to other people’s vehicles or property. This cover doesn’t cover your car if you crash, or if its damaged by a weather event for example.

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