Will a Catback void my warranty?

The truth of the matter is that adding an aftermarket exhaust system to your vehicle will not void your warranty in most cases. Note that phrase, “most cases.” If your new system does not cause any damage to other components on the vehicle, then your warranty will be fine and remain intact.

Will getting an exhaust void my warranty?

Although many dealers would have you think otherwise, simply having an aftermarket part or modifying your vehicle cannot void your warranty. … The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act states that a dealer must prove that aftermarket equipment caused the need for repairs before it can deny warranty coverage.

Will a cat back exhaust void my STI warranty?

that’s the answer, the only answer. a cat-back will never void a warranty. cat-backs do not increase power.

What mods can you do without voiding warranty?

Your best options for performance gains without voiding your warranty are suspension, brakes, and tires. It’ll improve your handling without voiding your engine warranty.

Does missing an oil change void warranty?

The simple answer here is yes, your warranty will be partially voided if you do not change your oil in a timely fashion with proper fluids. However, the dealership must prove that your failure to service your car did without reasonable doubt cause the malfunction and need for repair.

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Does axle back exhaust add horsepower?

With gains up to 30-35 HP for many cars (Mustang, Challenger, Camaro, Corvette, etc.), the right axleback or catback exhaust can really rev up your car’s performance. Fine-turned torque. … But you’ll still see a slight uptick in torque with an axleback exhaust! Better mileage.

What voids STI warranty?

Anything added to the car not factory approved that causes a failure will void the warranty on the failed component and any directly related components. As already stated above, people always call it “voiding” the warranty but that’s not how it works.

Does cold air intake void Subaru warranty?

Will a Cold air Intake Void my factory warranty? No. … A warranty is a guarantee or promise made by a manufacturer, and is included with their product at no charge when it is sold as new.

What upgrades can I do to my car without voiding warranty?

Mods Not Likely to Void Your Warranty

  1. Suspension. To start, coilovers and a combination of springs or shocks are a safe bet. …
  2. Cat-Back Exhaust. …
  3. Wheels. …
  4. Brakes. …
  5. Sway Bars. …
  6. Short Shifter. …
  7. Exterior Mods.

Can you tune a car without voiding warranty?

Aftermarket replacement parts will not void your new car’s warranty. However, modifying or tuning your car might run afoul of your car’s warranty coverage. … Warranties on consumer products are governed in the U.S. by a Federal statute known as the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act.

Does Underglow void warranty?

no, the up fitter switches are there for you to use. Also specific parts may void certain parts of a warranty but nothing voids all of it. It is also up to the manufacturer to prove your modification cause whatever part to fail.

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