Question: Is charger insurance cheaper than challenger?

How Dodge Charger insurance costs compare to other muscle cars. Compared to other types of popular muscle cars on the market, the 2019 Dodge Charger’s insurance rates are a bit more expensive at $4,792 a year.

Is a challenger more expensive to insure than a Charger?

When you compare the annual nation’s cost-to-base car price of 4% to the Dodge Charger’s 7.4% on a base price of $27,995, you can see that the Charger has a 3.4% higher insurance cost.

Is insurance higher on a Dodge Charger?

Dodge Chargers are not the most expensive car to insure, but by comparison, they will likely cost you more than the national average for a Toyota Camry. When car insurance companies price policies, one of the most important factors that can influence rates is the make and model of vehicle you drive.

Are Dodge Challengers expensive to insure?

The average cost of insurance for a Dodge Challenger is $2,775 for a six-month policy. However, the price you’ll pay for this American muscle car varies greatly by insurance company. Progressive is the cheapest insurer for Dodge Challengers. It charges only $1,135 every six months.

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Is a Dodge Charger considered a sports car on insurance?

According to the auto insurance companies’ definition, there are several exceptions, such as the Aston Martin Rapide S and the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. These are fast cars with four doors and more than two seats which often require higher coverage and are usually classified as sports cars for insurance purposes.

How much is insurance for a 392 charger?

Average Dodge Charger insurance cost is $1,930 per year, or $161 per month for full coverage.

How much are average 2017 Charger insurance rates?

2017 Dodge Charger Trim Level Annual Rate Per Month
SRT 392 Sedan $1,858 $155
SRT Hellcat Sedan $1,982 $165

How much is insurance on a scat pack?

2019 Charger Sedan Scat Pack 4dr Sedan (6.4L 8cyl 8A)

Year 1 Total
Insurance $1,527 $8,108
Maintenance $750 $5,361
Repairs $121 $1,873
Taxes & Fees $2,499 $3,126

Is a Dodge Charger expensive to maintain?

A Dodge Charger will cost about $7,809 for maintenance and repairs during its first 10 years of service. This is more than the industry average for popular sedan models by $970. There is also a 22.92% chance that a Charger will require a major repair during that time.

Is a Dodge Charger a luxury car?

Dodge Charger car is usually not considered in most luxurious vehicles, but it also offers a long list of standards and optional features. It offers comparable fuel economy than other expensive and smaller luxury models. … See other vehicles you may also enjoy.

Is Dodge Charger a good car?

Is the Dodge Charger a Good Car? Yes, the Dodge Charger is a good car. All of its engines are powerful, and it handles well while providing a fairly cushioned ride. The Charger has a spacious interior, user-friendly tech features, and a decent amount of trunk space.

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How bad is insurance on a Dodge Challenger?

The average cost to insure a Dodge Challenger is $1,567 per year. Some insurers may offer lower rates, while others may have higher premiums. At the low end is USAA, with a $1,238 average annual rate. The most expensive insurer for a Dodge Challenger is Allstate at $1,855 per year or $617 more than USAA.

Does a V8 cost more on insurance?

Vehicles with more powerful engines, such as a V8, will cost more to insure than a vehicle with a smaller engine. … So, in the case of the engine, size does have a correlation with rates.

How many miles are Dodge Challengers good for?

A Dodge Challenger can reach 200,000 miles, and some Challengers have been known to make it to 400,000 miles. Like most cars, the Dodge Challenger’s longevity depends on maintenance, which will extend the engine’s life well beyond 200,000 miles into the 300,000-mile range.

What are common problems with Dodge Chargers?

Some of the problems experienced by Dodge Charger owners involve the gear shift, water pump, alternator, timing belt, radiator and thermostat, electrical problems, stalling, ticking noises, battery issues, sunroof motors, airbag recalls and more.

How much is insurance on a Dodge Charger for a 18 year old?

Cost of Dodge Charger Car Insurance

Is Dodge Charge insurance for an 18-year-old or 19-year-old more expensive? The average cost of insurance for a brand new Dodge Charger is going to run you around $2,076 a year, or $173 a month. Keep in mind that this is well above the national average for car insurance.

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How much is insurance on a Dodge Charger for a 16 year old?

As a reminder, the cost with full coverage for a 16-year-old driver can be $6,146 each year. Your Dodge Charger insurance rates will drop by almost 40 percent by the time your teenager reaches age 20, so you can expect about a 9 to 10 percent savings annually with a good driving record.

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