Does Assurant do auto insurance?

What type of insurance does Assurant offer?

Assurant Insurance Company at a Glance

It provides a range of coverages including renters insurance, mobile device insurance, flood protection insurance, and more. It has a high rating through AM Best and is a Fortune 500 company. Assurant has strong financial stability and offers 24/7 claims reporting.

Is Assurant a good insurance company?

Assurant renters insurance rating

Assurant renters insurance earned 4 stars out of 5 for overall performance.

What is Assurant protection plan?

What is Assurant service protection? Assurant’s service protection is an appliance warranty program you can purchase for appliances when buying a home. It extends the life of a manufacturer’s warranty, covering functional parts and labor after the warranty expires.

How do I contact Assurant insurance?

Welcome to Assurant Insurance Center. 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. ET. Claims Customer Service: Speak to a live representative to report a new claim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 1.800. 358.0600.

Does Geico use Assurant?

When you click on the “Assurant’s service website” link, you will be taken to a site owned by Assurant, not GEICO. GEICO has no control over the privacy practices of the companies mentioned above and assumes no responsibility in connection with your use of their website.

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How many claims can you file with Assurant?

A $17 charge will apply if you choose to pay by C.O.D. To look up your device-specific service fee/deductible, please click here. How many claims am I allowed to file? There is no limit to the number of claims you can file.

How long does Assurant take to approve claims?

How long does it take to receive a replacement device? Claim approval may be instant or may take several days depending on the type of claim and timely receipt of all documentation that is required for processing. Holidays may impact shipping times.

Does Assurant cover cracked screen?

The $99 service fee for screen only damage applies when service is provided through an Assurant-authorized repair center, where available; otherwise, a replacement device is available at $199. … For all other screen damage and accidental damage claims, the service fee is $99.

Does Assurant have pet insurance?

Assurant does offer a few compelling optional coverages that aren’t available from every renters insurance company. These include pet damage coverage, which pays to repair your own property damaged by a pet, and unemployment insurance, which covers part of your rent if you’re involuntarily out of work.

How do I cancel my Assurant insurance?

Cancel Assurant over the phone

  1. Dial 1-888-260-7736 to get in touch with the Assurant customer service.
  2. Press 5.
  3. Give the customer service agent your account information: Your full name. …
  4. Ask the agent to cancel your policy.
  5. Request a refund.
  6. Tell the agent to send you a confirmation email once your account is closed.
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How long are GE appliance warranties?

For the three years from date of original purchase, GE will replace, free of charge, any part that fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship. During this three-year limited warranty, you will be responsible for any labor and related service costs.

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