How Restaurants Can Prevent Lengthy Business Interruption

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How Restaurants Can Prevent Lengthy Business Interruption
Restaurants have to rely on utilities and services like them to keep things running smoothly. There needs to be access to clean water for a number of uses, like cleaning and cooking, and access to electricity to keep lights buzzing and equipment working. Plus, gas needs to be available to use for ovens, stovetops and other appliances.

These utilities are the lifeblood of any restaurant kitchen. So, when one of them or all of them give out, a restaurant’s business is thrust into jeopardy. When service interruption occurs, it can throw a restaurant off for a night or two, or maybe even weeks depending on the problems. Even if the problem is small, there are residual impacts, such as financial, that come into play.

Fortunately, there are steps that restaurants can take to prevent business interruption from sidelining their business and keep things running smoothly.

Have a Backup Generator

One of the best things of restaurant can do is to invest a backup generator, which provides electrical power to a restaurant during a power outage. Restaurants can control the temperature of the food or how many guests fill up their reservations, but they can’t control accidents such as major storms or incidents on the street.

If a storm causes a widespread outage or car accident knocks out of power line, this can make it tough for a restaurant to stay running. If a temporary shutdown occurs, this can also lead to the loss of perishable food items that are costly to replace. A backup generator in place will keep electricity running and tide your restaurant over while things get squared away.

Establish Alternative Communications

Restaurants used to have one main line open for their phone system. Now, it’s wise for restaurants to add a business cell phone line, especially since they are more affordable than ever. If power goes out at your restaurant, business calls won’t be interrupted and instead they will go to the mobile line.

Plus, with the advent of mobile technology, there are phone apps that can be developed for your restaurant. Orders can come in directly to mobile devices and clients can stay in touch with your business.

Line Up an Inspection

After an outage, there can still be a possibility of a system malfunction. When appliances and electronics power back on at the same time, this can cause an overload to your restaurant’s electrical system.

Make sure to shut off major appliances after a power outage to prevent them from turning back on when power is restored. Also, be sure to schedule an annual electrical inspection to ensure that your system is up to code.

Invest in Insurance Coverage

While it’s good to put these precautions in motion to safeguard against long and potentially hazardous interruptions, they may still not protect your restaurant completely. Financial losses and downtime can still occur and utility interruption will always be a threat. Because of this, restaurant owners should invest in restaurant liability insurance.

This kind of insurance can reimburse you for any loss of income and other expenses related to a major outage, such as losing food that spoils. Assess what your risks are if interruption occurs and take the right steps to make sure everything is covered.

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