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Common Mistakes in Insurance for Contractors

When it comes to choosing the right insurance as a contractor, you’re probably faced with a number of options and a number of questions. How do you know which one is right for you? How do you

When Are Restaurants Liable for Accidents, Injuries and Illnesses?

Restaurants, like any job site, may be dangerous places for both workers and the customers who dine there. There are a number of accidents and mistakes that can happen, bringing about injury and

Beware of Hazardous Materials Lurking in Drywall

Installing and repairing drywall in a home or commercial property is an important part of renovation and construction. However, the dangers of working with drywall and its health exposures have come

Why Do Contractors Need Their Own Insurance?

Independent contractors carry a lot of possible risk and potential liabilities with their operations, possibly holding over some of that risk to the business owners they are working for. From

What Is Coinsurance for Commercial Property or Homeowners Insurance?

In regards to Commercial Property or Homeowners Insurance, coinsurance is a bit of a misnomer. In health insurance, it means you are literally coinsuring part of each claim up to a certain dollar

Everything You Need to Know About Insuring Restaurants in Alabama

Shopping for restaurant insurance in Alabama is challenging if you don't first know your exposures.  There are many different types of insurance available, but it's easy to get overwhelmed when you

How to Manage the 3 Most Common Risks Faced by Every Business

If you own a business or are an executive or CFO for a company or non-profit, then you understand what we mean by business risk. We do believe there are three common categories of risk faced by

How to Select the Right Insurance Agent

1. What is your experience? 2. Have you (or anyone on your direct team) written exposures similar to mine? 3. Which carriers will you be quoting? 4. If you get a better quote with a carrier that

Top 2 Business Insurance Shopping Mistakes

In the video, I tell the story of a client who left me a few years ago for a "better policy" and "lower rate".  That turned out to be almost disastrous (thank goodness there was not a claim).  The

How to Easily Read Your Insurance Policies and Discover Coverage Gaps

Insurance policies are written by lawyers, so naturally, they are IMPOSSIBLE to read!!! Until now..... Once you understand the basic format of commercial and personal insurance policies, then you'll