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Is Mold Damage Covered by Home Insurance?

  While mold won’t set off an alarm like fire or carbon monoxide would, it is almost as perilous. As a homeowner, learning you have a mold problem can be a shocking experience. Exposure to mold, as you probably know, can cause property damage as well as a several health hazards. What’s worse is that

Why Shouldn’t I Insure My Property for Market Value?

Purchasing a home is a big step towards your future and can be quite an investment. When purchasing homeowners insurance, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting enough coverage to protect that investment as well as the financial future of your family. One question insurance companies get asked the most when it comes to

4 Tips for First Time Homebuyers

  Your first time buying a home can be exciting, but can also be as equally overwhelming!  From contracts with the mortgage company, scheduling home inspections, closing costs, etc. With everything going on, sometimes buying homeowners insurance can fall to the back of the list. Knowing what to ask and look for when going into

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