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Do you need Directors and Officers insurance? Explanation of D&O Coverage and Claims Scenarios

Earning a leadership position in a company isn’t all about privilege. Sure, a director or officer position is a big deal. It might come with a corner office, higher pay, and a boatload of stock options. But if things go south for the company, there’s also a greater risk of personal accountability for the higher-ups

How to Dramatically Reduce Your Worker’s Compensation Costs

Employers always want to trim costs whenever and wherever they can. Streamlining processes and doing more with less are admirable goals. But when it comes to Workers Compensation, businesses must tread lightly. Unlike health insurance, employers aren’t allowed to cut benefits levels. Luckily, there’s a simple step that can save employers a lot of money

Everything you need to know about additional insureds

  An additional insured is a party (a person or an organization) that’s not included on a liability insurance policy but is added at the request of the named insured, usually via a policy endorsement, related to a specific job, activity or location. Additional insureds may also be named in the “who is an insured”

What’s covered by General Liability Insurance (and what isn’t)

  The Insurance Information Institute reports that the average jury award for a major liability claim in 2015 was $1.14 million. Imagine that a product you sold causes a customer to be injured. Even though you would never purposely harm someone, you may be liable for medical bills, court fees, and other damages, and those

Top 4 Coverage Traps to Avoid in Commercial Property Insurance Policies

    When you consider purchasing commercial property insurance, there are a few sneaky traps that should be avoided. We’ll explain what each of these are and why you should be wary of them below. These are the four most common traps. Ordinance or Law Ordinance or Law coverage is often something that is overlooked.

How Restaurants Can Prevent Lengthy Business Interruption

Restaurants have to rely on utilities and services like them to keep things running smoothly. There needs to be access to clean water for a number of uses, like cleaning and cooking, and access to electricity to keep lights buzzing and equipment working. Plus, gas needs to be available to use for ovens, stovetops and

Contractors: Do You Know Your Minimum Insurance Requirements?

The construction industry is a thriving field that is in the middle of a huge boom in opportunity. Growth is expected to steadily rise over the next few years and cities like Portland and Phoenix are opening up to population growth due in part to the construction industry. But while this is great news for

The Current State of Construction Insurance

The construction industry has seen a huge boon in recent years, working hand-in-hand with a growing economy. The industry is seeing growth in nearly every aspect including non-residential commercial construction, employment and manufacturing. Even the public sector portion of construction is looking at a small increase from last year, according to Associated Builders and Contractors.