Top 2 Business Insurance Shopping Mistakes

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Top 2 Business Insurance Shopping Mistakes

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Discover the Top 2 Mistakes When Shopping Business Insurance

1. Wrong Agent

In the video, I tell the story of a client who left me a few years ago for a “better policy” and “lower rate”.  That turned out to be almost disastrous (thank goodness there was not a claim).  The agent was not very experienced and wrote a property policy that did not have any wind coverage.  The bank required wind coverage for this older property which was located less than a mile from the coast line in Mobile County.

In the Ultimate Guide to Buying the Right Comprehensive Business Insurance we share the three step process used by our team to help you shop business insurance. We believe you deserve attention to detail and a process that helps you succeed. Your insurance should be there when you need it (or at least, you should know when it will and will not be there!).

2. Too Many Agents

The second biggest mistake – and this may seem counter intuitive – is involving too many agents.  In fact, in most cases, having just one really good independent insurance agent with wide access to multiple insurance carriers is all you need.  At Shields Insurance, we have access to over 40 top rated insurers and can almost always find the most competitive prices and coverage for our clients when shopping for business (or personal) insurance.

Let's reduce your rates and improve coverage!

Most people don’t understand their unique risks or their insurance and are therefore buying the wrong coverage and paying too much. If you request insurance quotes from us, we will implement our simple 3-step process to identify your key exposures, improve insurance coverage and reduce rates.

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