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Term v.s Whole Life Insurance

Shopping for life insurance can seem overwhelming. One thing to decide when you start shopping is: do you need term life insurance or whole life insurance? Both have their pros and cons and it’s important to understand them when moving forward with purchasing a life insurance plan so that you can make the decision that

Basic Coverage that Restaurant Owners Need!

At Shields, we are equipped to help restaurants as well as caterers, food trucks, and coffee shops. As an owner of one of these types of businesses within the hospitality industry, you know that your exposures are unique based on the type of work that you do. Because of this, an insurance plan for a

4 Things You Need to Know as a New Non-Profit

As new a nonprofit, you’re probably jumping out of your seat to get started! You’re excited to show the community and individuals just what your organization could do for them. And while it’s great to be so passionate about your mission, vision, and motivation to help others, it’s also important to have your administrative tasks

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