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We are an insurance agency protecting hundreds of local businesses and families throughout Birmingham, AL, Mobile, AL and across the entire southeast.

Get the Right Coverage from an Insurance Agency who Understands Your Exposures

Most people are buying the wrong insurance coverage and overpaying for it. As an Independent Insurance Agency, we will shop your coverage with numerous top-rated insurers, virtually guaranteeing you get the most competitive rates available with broad coverage terms.

Evaluate Exposures

Before you buy insurance, it’s important to properly evaluate your risks, so you will know what type of coverage is needed. Using our expertise and resources as a guide, we will uncover your true exposures and learn how to resolve them. If you skip this step, you’re likely to buy the wrong coverage and overpay.

Apply for Coverage

Once your unique exposures are discovered, shopping coverage with our top-rated insurance carriers is super easy. On your behalf, our team will negotiate the most competitive coverage and rates available.  All insurance policies are NOT created equal, so it’s critical that we match your exposures and budget to the right coverage.

Start Coverage

Now that you’ve found the best coverage and rates for your needs, upon your request, we will issue the new policies and begin coverage. While many agents are still using fax machines and ink signatures, our issuance process is painless and fully electronic. This is not a stagnant “set you up and forget you.”  We will develop an ongoing relationship with you and continuously monitor and review changes to your exposures over time in order to keep you adequately protected.

Need Insurance? We’ve got you covered!

Whether you have a small business, a restaurant or a home in the area, we have your insurance needs covered. We are a top-rated insurance agency in Birmingham, AL and offer small business insurance, company insurance for medium and large organizations and commercial insurance that covers your company vehicles, as well as restaurant insurance. With our business insurance quotes, you can rest assured you are getting the best business insurance cost. However, we don’t stop at just company insurance. We also offer personal insurance so you can have peace of mind in all areas of your life.

A Focus on Service

When you need insurance coverage in Birmingham, AL, we place our focus on making sure you receive the quality of service you expect from us. Our insurance agency is staffed with professional and experienced, highly-trained agents ready to show you the best options available when looking for coverage.

Quality Insurance Products

Our top-quality insurance products give you coverage for life’s unexpected accidents. Not sure what coverage you need? Commercial Insurance is for everything related to your business, including.

  • Business Automobile
  • Business Owners Policy
  • Commercial Crime
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Commercial Property
  • Cyber Insurance Policy – this is especially useful in case of a data breach
  • Directors and Officers Policy
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Fiduciary Liability
  • Flood Insurance
  • Garage Liability
  • Business Liability Insurance
  • Surety Bonds
  • Workers Compensation

We also offer personal insurance options, including the following:

  • Flood Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Personal Automobile
  • Personal Collections
  • Personal Umbrella
  • Watercraft

Not sure what you need? Speak to one of our licensed professional agents to discuss your insurance needs and find out what options are available to you.


Meet Your Agent

Bry Shields – Shields Insurance Birmingham AL


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Customer Reviews


After several years of working with Bry, we have always appreciated his professionalism and attention to quality customer service.  He does a great job assessing our insurance needs and matching them to the best coverage and rates for our growing cardiology practice.  Under Bry’s direction, we consistently experience lower insurances costs with much better coverage.  His knowledge of the insurance industry is second to none!

– Doreen Harrison, CFO at Cardiology Associates of Mobile, Inc.

insurance quote testimonial

We have been a client of Bry Shields for many years and I recommend him without hesitation.  I use Bry for all my insurance needs, both business and personal, and he makes it really easy and cost effective.  He provided me with very detailed quotes and options to fit our specific needs and was extremely thorough when reviewing them with me.  Bry is a terrific agent who always keeps us apprised of what actions need to be taken and how he can help us save money, and still get the coverage we need.  He is also very mindful of customer service and is a pleasure to work with frequently.  I would recommend him highly!

– Melissa Cross, CEO at McAleer’s Office Furniture

Client Testimonial 1

We have really enjoyed our time working with Bry Shields. He is quick to answer questions in real time and is professional. From a work perspective, we have several moving parts in our medical practice that require multiple areas of coverage and Bry has always been good to point out available options and give his advice. On a personal level, he takes care of all of my home, auto, and insurance needs and has won my family over with his ability to make us feel comfortable with our coverage/security moving forward. We would recommend him to anyone looking for personalized, high-quality care for their work or individual needs.

– Wright Lauten, Physician at Retina Specialists Of Mississippi

Case Studies

Cost savings and improved coverage will allow for greater peace of mind.

Gwin's Commercial Printing & Engraving Co, Inc.

Mobile, AL | 22 Employees |
Find Out How

Gwin's Commercial Printing & Engraving Co, Inc.

Mobile, AL | 22 Employees |


Gwin’s Owner and CEO, Mike Payne, was concerned about the cost of their insurance and whether the coverage was accurate after many years with the same insurance agency and no formal review.


Due to one area of duplicate coverage and several policy errors, opportunities for coverage improvement and cost reductions were immediately discovered. After quoting the insurance with our vast array of carriers, we also discovered that their rates were 25% higher than the market. This cost savings and improved coverage will allow Mike and his family and employees to continue competing and growing their thriving business with greater peace of mind.

Cut overall rates by 50%, dramatically improving ADW’s operating margins as a business.

ADW Inc.

Birmingham, AL | 170 Employees |
Find Out How

ADW Inc.

Birmingham, AL | 170 Employees |


As a temporary staffing agency for the construction industry, ADW’s workers compensation coverage had been placed with the “assigned risk pool” and their rates were astronomical.  Several agents had looked at their risks and been unable to secure better pricing.


Through our network of carriers, we were able to place their coverage with a PEO on a master policy and immediately reduce their effective experience mod rate to .87 and cut their overall rates by 50%, dramatically improving ADW’s operating margins as a business.  Additionally, ADW has implemented improved claims management and safety practices to reduce future losses and keep costs down.

Commercial & Small Business Insurance

Real data from workplace surveys.

% Wrong Coverage

Estimated 75 percent of companies have the wrong insurance coverage.

In Costs

For the average business, it costs $5,000 to $10,000 in sales to subsidize every $1,000 of extra overhead.

% Preventable

Approximately 92 percent of work-related injuries are preventable.


Bry Shields


Bry spent eight years working as an Agent at a large, regional agency in Mobile, AL. This agency experience, including some involvement with changes to automation and efficiency through the evolution of industry technology, prepared him well for the launch of his own agency in 2017.
Bry works with commercial and personal lines clients of all types, but his primary commercial niches include Real Estate, Healthcare, Construction, Restaurants and Retail.
He has written over $20M in aggregate premiums, consisting of more than 350 different clients and has also been involved in the claims process for many of these, including one major settlement involving Wrongful Death totaling $1.6M.
Bry's experience during these claims was the edipus for the creation of his agency's 3-step process to ensure proper coverage and avoid "surprises" on the back-side of his client's purchases. As a fellow business owner and real estate investor, Bry understands your needs and has drafted the agency processes to exceed your expectations.

Tyler Jones


Tyler was a Claims Rep at Auto-Owners Insurance Company for four years. During his tenure, Tyler paid out over $10M worth of claims for hundreds of policyholders and claimants. This experience was invaluable for his bridge over to the agency side.
As a licensed Property & Casualty agent and after years of paying out claims (and also denying them!), Tyler is well-equipped to fill the gaps in any insurance program for commercial and personal lines clients alike.
He also is one of the best Agents you can have on your side during the unfortunate event of filing an insurance claim!