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Everything you need to know about additional insureds

  An additional insured is a party (a person or an organization) that’s not included on a liability insurance policy but is added at the request of the named insured, usually via a policy endorsement, related to a specific job, activity or location. Additional insureds may also be named in the “who is an insured”

What’s covered by General Liability Insurance (and what isn’t)

  The Insurance Information Institute reports that the average jury award for a major liability claim in 2015 was $1.14 million. Imagine that a product you sold causes a customer to be injured. Even though you would never purposely harm someone, you may be liable for medical bills, court fees, and other damages, and those

Why Do Contractors Need Their Own Insurance?

Independent contractors carry a lot of possible risk and potential liabilities with their operations, possibly holding over some of that risk to the business owners they are working for. From injuries to property damage, all parties involved face possible legal issues that can ruin a contractor’s reputation. A good line of defense to protect against

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